Instantly straighten crooked teeth without Braces or Invisalign with Porcelain Veneer

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Instantly straighten Crooked teeth and bad bite without Braces or Invisalign with Porcelain Veneer. Learn about affordable dental veneers we are offering and how they can transform your smile. We can help you with Smile Makeover. Dr Zenaidy Castro, our Vogue Smiles Dentist is passionate Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne. Porcelain dental veneers from Vogue Smiles Melbourne.


When you’re thinking of orthodontic treatment for yourself or a family member, one of the first questions you ask is this:

How long does it take to get straight teeth?

Bridal Smile Makeover cost saving Specials in Melbourne

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For many brides, the idea that there smile isn’t all it should be typically doesn’t cross their minds until it’s too late. With the stress of planning the special event, picking out the dress and even making decisions about the reception menu, many brides forget about the fact that ensuring they have a great smile should be included on their ever growing to do list. Given that you will be forever reminded of your smile in wedding photos, you’ll want for it to be as picture perfect as possible

“Match it or beat on Cosmetic and Invisalign Treatment” Terms and conditions


This “Match it or beat on Cosmetic and Invisalign Treatment” offer is subject to our Terms and conditions set out as below:

1. APPLICABLE ON THE FOLLOWING SPECIFIC SERVICES OR TREATMENT ONLY: Porcelain Veneers, Composite Veneers, Snap on Smile, Crowns and Bridges & Invisalign Treatment and major Restorative/Bonding works only


DRESS UP YOUR SMILE teeth whitening and smaile makeover specials

Looking for the ultimate accessory for Melbourne Cup race day? Just smile! DRESS UP YOUR SMILE WITH A CONFIDENT, BRIGHTER AND WHITER BEAUTIFUL SMILES.

For both men and women, these historic horse racing events have provided the perfect setting for glamour and style to collide with heated and untamed excitement. The Melbourne Cup carnival has dawned on the nation and for over 50 years, our fair ladies have graced the day with show-stopping fashions on the field. But what really is the perfect stand-out accessory? Here at VOGUE SMILES MELBOURNE we think we have found the answer…

As one of the first features to be noticed on a person, a smile holds great significance in almost every aspect of life from getting a date to landing a job.   Not only can it signify beauty and genuineness, but an attractive smile can indicate and may even contribute to your personal health and mental wellbeing

Causes of Bad Breath


It may be reassuring to know that bad breath, or halitosis, affects up to 50% of us at some point during our lives. We can help you.

The most common cause of bad breath (90% of cases) is poor dental hygiene. In most cases, it is caused by a build up of bacteria in the mouth, as a result of bits of trapped food, plaque or gum disease. It is the bacteria which releases the smelly gases.

Correct and regular brushing is very important to keep your breath smelling sweet. Bad breath often occurs after eating strongly flavoured foods, such as onions and garlic. Smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol and eating spicy food can also cause breath to smell unpleasant.

We have helped many patients overcome bad breath.

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